Markets Served

Applications for Titanium Castings


Light Weight Titanium Aerospace Castings

Don’t accept inferior service and support from the giant casting corporations. Demand only the highest level of personalized attention and responsiveness available in the industry.

FS Precision Tech. Fly Higher.


Prevent Seawater Corrosion in Oil & Gas Exploration and Recovery

FS Precision Tech is responsive, collaborative, and flexible; and we communicate with our customers better than the giant castings corporations. Contact the proven leader in the oil & gas exploration and recovery industry.

FS Precision Tech. Avoid surprises.


Titanium Turbocharger Wheels for Industrial & Heavy Machinery

With more than a million failure critical turbocharger wheels delivered, you can count on FS Precision Tech for unprecedented consistency, and reliability.

FS Precision Tech. The industry’s workhorse.


Extreme Duty Titanium Castings for Aerospace

Precision lightweight titanium castings for critical aerospace applications.

FS Precision Tech. Certified for Performance.


Prevent Chemical Corrosion with Titanium and Zirconium Castings

Maximum up time and productivity is critical to the success of your business. FS Precision Tech corrosion resistant near-net and net shape titanium and zirconium castings are specified for the harshest environments.

FS Precision Tech. Increased Part Life.


Castings for Light Weight Titanium Hand Tools & Power Tools

Construction is a strenuous, repetitive, and dangerous job. Hand and power tools made with FS Precision Tech titanium castings take advantage of net shape design possibilities of our process, for ergonomic and lightweight hand tools.

FS Precision Tech. Increasing productivity

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