Markets Served

Applications for Titanium Castings


Light Weight Aerospace Castings

Titanium has a substantially higher strength to weight ratio than more common materials such as Aluminum or steel. If your application requires both strength and light weight, the most cost-effective solution is a near net or net shaped finished titanium investment casting from FS Precision Tech.


Prevent Seawater Corrosion – Oil & Gas Exploration and Recovery

FS Precision Tech is the acknowledged industry leader for the production of titanium investment castings for seismic nodes, connectors, and other mission critical components for oil and gas exploration and recovery .


Titanium Turbocharger Castings for Commercial & Passenger Vehicles

With more than 1 million net shape titanium turbocharger wheels produced to date, FS Precision Tech is the world’s largest producer of titanium castings for the global automotive and heavy machinery turbocharger industry.


Titanium Castings for National Defense

FS Precision Tech produces mission critical titanium castings for Lockheed Martin’s PAC-3, the NATO Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile, BAE Systems M777 and M109 Howitzers, and a variety of other US and Allied defense programs.


Prevent Corrosion in Chemical Processing

FS Precision Tech titanium castings and zirconium castings are used around the globe to extend the life of chemical processing equipment in the production of Terphthalic Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, and other chemical feedstock industries critical to the global economy.


Light Weight Power & Hand Tools

FS Precision Tech is the primary or sole supplier for all titanium castings to global leaders such as Martinez Tool Company, Milwaukee Tools, Stanley Black & Decker, Vaughan, Stiletto, and other premium tool brands.

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