FS Precision – located in the Los Angeles, CA suburb of Rancho Dominguez – has been producing titanium investment castings for nearly 50 years. Our reliable process, dedication to improvement, and high standards give FS Precision a reputation for unequaled results and customer support. This reputation would not be possible without an exceptional team to back our product; and we are looking for people like you to fill important metal casting jobs to become part of our great team!

From the deepest ocean floor to the stratosphere and beyond, our titanium castings are at the forefront of modern technology. FS Precision near-net titanium castings are enabling exploration initiatives from our world’s oceans with the Wave Glider to the wonders of the air with our fuel system valves and manifolds for aircraft and space vehicles.

We outline our titanium investment casting process below from start to finish to identify the critical roles that FS Precision is seeking to fill with qualified professionals. Talented people like you are required in support of our mission to deliver superior investment castings and unmatched process control.

Metal Casting Jobs – Wax Pattern Technicians

The beginning phase of our investment casting process involves creating a wax model – or ‘pattern’ – of the final product that captures all of the design complexities and intricacies off the finished component. At FS Precision, this pattern is most often manufactured through injection molding. Injection molding provides a stable and repeatable process to ensure an efficient and high-quality casting production line. Once multiple patterns have been created, they are welded together in a ‘tree’ using a hydrogen torch, known as “water welding.” This allows for multiple castings to be produced simultaneously. We are currently seeking both Wax Injectors and Assemblers to support our wax operations. See below for a brief description of these positions.

Wax Injection Technician


Injects wax into mold cavities which are subsequently replaced by molten metal to produce metal castings.  Activates machines to hydraulically inject wax into mold cavities according to specifications and following established procedures.  Assembles molds and may place inserts into the mold cavity to produce special metal casting configurations.

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Wax Assembly Technician


Prepares wax patterns and gating wax for assembly by trimming wax flash and blending sharp corners.  Assembles wax patterns into wax trees as described in casting specific wax technique cards.  Seals wax joints and cleans assembled trees.  Documents daily production rates.

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Ceramic Mold

After the wax trees are created, the next step at FS Precision is to create the mold for investment casting. The tree, comprising multiple wax patterns, is dipped into a tank of viscous ceramic slurry. After the tree is removed from the dipping tank, the slurry is allowed to solidify, thus creating a mold encasing the wax patterns. The mold tree is then placed in a high-temperature furnace and heated to melt the wax patterns. The liquid wax is drained and burned from the ceramic mold, leaving behind a tree of hollow ceramic molds of the final casting design.

Molten Titanium

The ceramic mold tree is next placed in FS Precision’s Vacuum Arc Remelting (VAR) furnace. Using an electric arc, a titanium electrode is melted and the molten titanium alloy is collected in a crucible. The crucible is tipped, allowing the molten titanium to be poured into the ceramic molds.

Post-Cast Processing

After the titanium has solidified, the ceramic molds are no longer required and they are therefore destroyed to remove the castings. This yields a tree of nearly completed titanium castings. All that remains are a series of post- casting processes and final inspections to ensure that the castings meet all required specifications and FS Precision quality requirements. To support these post-casting processes, FS Precision is currently seeking Welders and Finishers I, II, & III.

Metal Casting Jobs – Finishing Technician


Works on cast parts using various hand tools and finishing equipment to meet its required finished shape, dimension, surface finish, and mechanical strength requirements.  Removes shell materials from cast tree.  Masks casting discontinuities prior to chemical milling process.  Removes casting flaws and prepares cast parts for weld repair.  Welds cavities formed from weld preparation process.  Blends welded and masked areas.  Transports castings for further production operations.

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Metal Casting Jobs – Shell Department


    • Moves racks of shells in carts to various workstations for processing.
    • Prepares and replenishes dip tanks with slurries meeting specification.
    • Replenishes stucco materials to rainfall sanders.
    • Removes nerds from fluidized beds.
    • Applies back up dips in accordance to specifications and Technique cards.
    • Operates the autoclave in accordance to specifications and Technique cards.
    • Prepares pre-wet solutions, slurries and stucco materials in accordance to specifications and Technique cards.
    • Ensures slurry conditions are within specifications.
    • Applies product specific dip and drain techniques to wax trees.
    • Loads dipped shell on the drying tunnel conveyors.
    • Ensures that prescribed drying times followed to specifications.
    • Operates robot for automatic dipping of shells for back up dips in accordance to specifications and Technique cards.

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Quality Assurance

Our casting excellence is dependent upon many factors, but one simple principle guides everything we do: PROCESS CONTROL.

FS Precision strives to provide our customers with unparalleled casting quality and program support. By focusing solely on our specialty of titanium investment castings, we dedicate all our resources to ensuring that WE are the standard of customer service, quality, and quantifiable results in this highly specialized market.

We are currently seeking a Quality Engineer and Quality Inspectors to uphold our industry leading quality excellence.

From the moment the wax patterns are created, FS Precision implements a rigorous inspection protocol to ensure that all castings are held to required AMS and/or ASTM standards and customer requirements.

Quality Engineer


Develops advanced quality planning (AQP) techniques such as Failure Mode Effects Analysis, control plans, process potential/capability studies, and measurement system analysis and integrates AQP into the concurrent engineering process.

    • Maintains ISO 9001/TS 16949, AS9100, and Nadcap procedures and generates reports.
    • Maintains and controls Quality documents and processes.
    • Audits manufactured castings, documentation and processes for compliance.
    • Implements process improvements by initiating statistical techniques such as SPC and other quality solutions.
    • Creates and maintains quality reports and metrics for internal and external customers.
    • Utilizes six sigma methods to drive quality and efficiency.
    • Coordinates customer communications presentations.

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Quality Inspectors


LEVEL II:  Performs in-process and final inspection of production castings and sub-assemblies through the application of measuring devices.  Must be able to read and interpret blueprints.

LEVEL III:  Performs in-process and final inspection of prototype castings and sub-assemblies and incoming raw stock and parts and sub-assemblies.  Inspects for casting discontinuities using digital radiography, and fluorescent penetrant.  Must be able to work from advanced planning documents. Works under limited supervision.

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Engineering Department

Our highly skilled engineering team is at the very heart of our leadership in the industry for producing high precision investment castings for the aerospace, defense, automotive, and commercial industries. Whether you are seeking your engineering degree and are interested in an internship, or if you are a graduating engineer seeking to launch an exciting career, FS Precision Tech has exciting opportunities that will challenge you and help you grow.

We are currently seeking Process EngineersNPI Engineers,  and Program Managers to help us to continue growing with the explosive growth in demand for our unique capabilities.

Process Engineer


Develops cost effective and producible tooling, processing, and planning designs for the production of products in response to customer design parameters.  Specifies casting mold configurations, gate and riser designs, casting process parameters, and process control plans. Participates in scrap and rework reduction plans.  Applies the standard principles, theories and concepts of investment casting. Participates in product development projects.

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NPI Engineer


Responsible for planning, directing, and coordinating customers’ new product or process development programs by providing technical guidance or assessment in the design, development, assembly, or test engineering disciplines within product/process engineering. Develops cost effective and producible tooling, processing, and planning designs for the production of new products in response to customer design parameters.  Specifies casting mold configurations, gate and riser designs, and casting process parameters. Applies the standard principles, theories and concepts of investment casting. Participates in new product development projects.

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Metal Casting Jobs – Program Manager


The objective of the Program Manager Specialist is to support Business Development and Program Management during every phase as defined in QMS-10.

    • Develop, maintain and send FS Precision Tech’s industry benchmark Fortnightly Program Status Reports (FPSR).
    • Provide answers to customers that may arise from the FPSR.
    • Provide status updates to customers through email, phone, online presentations, and screen-share and in person meetings as directed by the Program Manager or FSPT Management.
    • Support the quotation process by performing quoting activities that support the NPO process.
    • Prepare RFQ packages for tooling/patterns/machining/outside processing.
    • Submit POs to suppliers for tooling/patterns/machining/outside processing.
    • Maintain and issue Quote Numbers
    • Responsible for leading conversion (NPO to NPI) of new programs by following the QMS-10 and other FSPT processes in support of NPO to NPI initiatives.
    • Assist in ensuring creation of travelers, customer ID’s, and part numbers.Email us at to apply for this job.

Management Support

Behind this production operation is a dedicated team of professionals working tirelessly to keep FS Precision operating at peak efficiency.

Just as our wide array of technical equipment requires constant care and maintenance to sustain our competitive production line, our records and employees deserve equal attention. To this end, we are seeking maintenance electricians and a general accountant to join our team.

Customer Service

Sr. Accounts Specialist


OBJECTIVE: The Sr. Accounts Specialist is responsible for the delivery and performance of legacy programs, new programs, and the overall customer relationship. The Sr. Accounts Specialist is responsible that all accounts follow internal company processes for best practices and execution excellence. Responsible for developing relationships that lead to repeat business and will assist the sales team in increasing business with new contracts within their assigned accounts.

Supervisor of Operations


The Objective of the Operations Supervisor is to supervise employees engaged in such activities as assembly, machining, shell processing, injection molding, finishing, and foundry leading to the production of Company products.

    • Organizes, creates plans, and schedules work of assigned employees in accordance with planning documents.
    • Staffs and trains employees in order to meet or exceed the areas (Safety, Quality, Delivery, and Productivity) area metrics.
    • Works with Leads, Planning, Engineering, Production Control, and Quality Engineering functions to ensure that Company products meet delivery schedules and conform to standards.

Senior Cost Accountant 


OBJECTIVE:  Following established accounting practices, ensures the proper and accurate distribution of cost within the company. Responsible for preparing financial statements, overseeing audits, conducting financial analysis, attending meetings to provide financial feedback and training employees in cost accounting methods. Possess an in-depth knowledge of manufacturing cost accounting and cost-management systems, as well as basic computer software. Excellent communicator, with superb presentation and problem-solving skills.

General Accountant


Performs a wide range of professional assignments requiring the knowledge and application of accounting principles and practices.  Supports senior financial management in a variety of accounting functions including accounts payables, account receivables, payroll, and risk management.  Prepares and submits financial reports to top management. Stays abreast of new developments and requirements in the Accounting field.

Accountant Level I & II


LEVEL I:  Responsible for standard and less complex accounting assignments. Under general supervision, works on month-end financial close and reporting, maintains the general ledger account, and conducts banking transactions. Reviews account receivables, cash application, credit and collections. Works with material inventory control and the accounting system maintenance and control.

LEVEL II:  Responsible for complex accounting assignments.  Plans and carries-out a variety of advanced accounting functions including the preparation of month-end reporting and the conduct of banking transactions.  Maintains accounting and material control systems.  Assists senior financial management in the preparation of monthly and year-end schedules and worksheets. Handles special assignments.

Email us at to apply for this job.

Metal Casting Jobs – Maintenance Electrician


Under limited supervision and following established electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical trade practices, repairs, installs, adjusts and maintains machines, mechanical and electrical equipment, motorized equipment and the structure of the establishment in repair. Maintains library of technical and manufacturers manuals for use as a reference in maintenance work.

Email us at to apply for this job.

Joining our team means you are joining a mission to relentlessly pursue quality, precision, and continuous improvement. FS Precision strives to perfect our specialty of near-net titanium investment castings, and we need your help to continue this journey.

Technology and production are only two of the aspects that differentiate us from other titanium casting companies. Customers deserve our unwavering support from the very first inquiry through the entire project lifespan. We therefore continually work to anticipate and respond to all our customer’s needs and adhere to each and every one of our commitments.

Metal Casting Jobs – Maintenance Mechanic


Under limited supervision and following trade practices, repairs, installs, adjusts, and maintains industrial production and processing machinery. Maintains library of technical and manufacturers manuals for use as a reference in maintenance work.

Email us at to apply for this job.

Skills, Knowledge & Abilities

    • Must have knowledge of machines and tools, including their designs, uses, repair and maintenance.
    • Must have the ability to troubleshoot in order to determine the cause of an operating error and solve the problem.
    • Must have knowledge of OSHA, Fire Department, and local sanitation rules and regulations.
    • Must possess strong planning and organizational skills.


Metal Casting Jobs – Sales Engineer


The Sales Engineer will support the Sales Director and FSPT Management in all aspects of customer and inter-company communications, and to assist in the development of processes and procedures required for FSPT profitable growth objectives, and in compliance with FSPT New Product Introduction Process and other procedures.

Email us at to apply for this job.

Skills, Knowledge & Abilities

    • Evaluate customer requests for quote (RFQ’s) in terms of suitability and producibility via the investment casting process.
    • Liaise with customer design teams and purchasing, with suggestion for “Design for Manufacture” in terms of tolerance, features, material properties, manufacturing techniques, and specifications.
    • The Sales Engineer will possess a self-starting mindset and a high degree of initiative with the ability and confidence to coordinate and drive resolution of issues with the use of data, CI tools and deep diving with all areas and levels of the organization. 
    • Keen attention to detail and accuracy is essential for this position
    • Excellent written and oral communication – customer service oriented (internal and external customers).


    • Engineering Degree (BS) or equivalent from a four-year college or technical school, and one-year related experience and/or training, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Investment Casting and Machining experience is highly desirable.
    • Computer skills: CAD, Magma, and ERP software, Customer portals, Microsoft Office, Outlook, and Project.
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