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FS Precision Tech employs a variety of advanced manufacturing techniques to enable rapid development of new programs and quality on time delivery. Review a brief description of these technologies, or contact us directly with questions.

About Titanium

Casting of reactive alloys is all we do at FS Precision Tech. Titanium is the core of our business, and it has some very unique properties that vary significantly when alloyed with different elements. These broad alloy options make titanium an ideal material for a multitude of applications.

Benefits of Titanium

Another reactive alloy in which FS Precision specializes, are the zirconium alloys which have many practical applications in the chemicals processing industry. To learn more about the various titanium alloys as well as those in zirconium, click the link below.

Ti Casting Technologies

Titanium investment casting can be used to easily create intricate shapes, internal passages, and complex surface features to near net tolerances without the addition of costly secondary operations.

Titanium Casting Photos

Gallery of Titanium Casting Photos - See some photos, videos, and case studies of our work.

Downloads – Documents & Certifications

Quality Certifications - FS Precision Tech is certified in the following areas:

  • ISO 9001
  • AS9100C
  • Nadcap (welding)


We are looking for people like you to fill important metal casting jobs to become part of our great team!

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FS Precision Tech is extremely active in the aerospace industry , so we are used to the concept of confidentiality. We take the privacy of our customers very seriously.

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FS Precision Tech is extremely active in aerospace, so we are used to the concept of confidentiality.

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