FS Precision is Hiring – Exciting Metal Casting Jobs

FSPrecision – located in the Los Angeles, CA suburb of Rancho Dominguez – has been producing titanium investment castings for nearly 50 years. Our reliable process, dedication to improvement, and high standards give FS Precision a reputation for unequaled results and customer support. This reputation would not be possible without an exceptional team to back our product; and we are looking for people like you to fill important metal casting jobs to become part of our great team!

From the deepest ocean floor to the stratosphere and beyond, our titanium castings are at the forefront of modern technology. FS Precision near-net titanium castings are enabling exploration initiatives from our world’s oceans with the Wave Glider to the wonders of the air with our fuel system valves and manifolds for aircraft and space vehicles.

We outline our titanium investment casting process below from start to finish to identify the critical roles that FS Precision is seeking to fill with qualified professionals. Talented people like you are required in support of our mission to deliver superior investment castings and unmatched process control.

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