Titanium Castings for Aerospace, Subsea, and Chemical Processing

FS Precision is the emerging global leader in structural investment castings for fixed wing, rotary wing, manned, and unmanned aircraft as well as critical space launch systems. Many international OEMs depend on us for critical engine mounting, navigation control, structural, fuel distribution, and corrosion prevention solutions.

Titanium Casting Supplier

In an industry dominated by only a couple of large conglomerates, FS Precision is the most responsive and collaborative titanium casting supplier in the aerospace industry. Period.

AS9100D & Nadcap Certified

We are one of the industry’s last remaining independent titanium investment casting companies. AS9100D and Nadcap certified for production of aerospace castings.

Quality, Affordable Solutions

The value we create for our titanium casting products customers only just begins with our quality certifications and six sigma process control. Our ultimate value is in creation of a reliable solution and a happy customer.

Markets We Serve

Light Weight Titanium Aerospace Castings

Don’t accept inferior service and support from the giant casting corporations. Demand only the highest level of personalized attention and responsiveness available in the industry.

FS Precision Tech. Fly Higher.

Prevent Seawater Corrosion in Oil & Gas Exploration and Recovery

FS Precision Tech is responsive, collaborative, and flexible; and we communicate with our customers better than the giant castings corporations. Contact the proven leader in the oil & gas exploration and recovery industry.

FS Precision Tech. Avoid surprises.

Titanium Turbocharger Wheels for Industrial & Heavy Machinery

With more than a million failure critical turbocharger wheels delivered, you can count on FS Precision Tech for unprecedented consistency, and reliability.

FS Precision Tech. The industry’s workhorse.

Extreme Duty Titanium Castings for Aerospace

Precision lightweight titanium castings for critical aerospace applications.

FS Precision Tech. Certified for Performance.

Prevent Chemical Corrosion with Titanium and Zirconium Castings

Maximum up time and productivity is critical to the success of your business. FS Precision Tech corrosion resistant near-net and net shape titanium and zirconium castings are specified for the harshest environments.

FS Precision Tech. Increased Part Life.

Castings for Light Weight Titanium Hand Tools & Power Tools

Construction is a strenuous, repetitive, and dangerous job. Hand and power tools made with FS Precision Tech titanium castings take advantage of net shape design possibilities of our process, for ergonomic and lightweight hand tools.

FS Precision Tech. Increasing productivity.

About Us

At FS Precision’s California based titanium foundry, we produce cast titanium components for the Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Automotive, and Heavy Equipment technology leaders around the globe.

Being one of the last remaining independent titanium casting foundries in the world, we excel in the design, development, and realization of elegant light weight solutions to help our customers to achieve mission critical structural challenges.

Who We Work With

We work with our customer and supplier partners to optimize titanium alloy casting specifications – including the geometry and interface tolerances – to deliver more than just compliance. We also work hard to maintain and improve upon our 97+% on time delivery so that the crucial applications for your customers are not delayed.

Casting Solutions Available Anywhere

Our team delivers the most up-to-date, sustainable casting solutions available anywhere. The discipline of our continuous improvement culture ensures that even when entropy strikes – threatening program delays– FS Precision Engineers respond quickly to design changes and process control modifications to get the program back on track quickly.

Some of the companies that have selected FS Precision to produce their titanium and zirconium castings.

“Our near net castings put the air in your components so you don’t have to.”

Meet the Team

We’re always interested in new projects, big or small.  Easy or challenging.  Our experienced engineering team is available to support your new development through manufacturability discussions, to prototypes, and into production.

If you want to contact us about any issue please call (+1) (310) 638-0595 or send us an e-mail. If you would like to submit a design for consideration simply request a quote.


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