We give our customers a choice

If this is how your current titanium supplier makes you feel when you have a special request, then why not make a choice?  Most of our customers have made the choice to use FS Precision Tech because they’ve had enough of being bullied by their suppliers.

If you’re familiar with the challenging specifications for titanium castings in aerospace and defense, then you know there are only a handful of companies in the world who can comply with the stringent AS9100, Nadcap, and AMS requirements.

Face it… The number of qualified titanium casting suppliers in the world can be counted on one or two hands… and… on paper, there’s very little differentiation between us. If a supplier isn’t AS9100 certified, then they’re not even in the game. If they can’t comply with the specifications, then they’re disqualified before the opening bell.

So…why choose FS Precision over all the others?

Our Core Competency

Perhaps the main difference between the 900 pound gorillas and FS Precision Tech is one of discipline, scale, and focus. As the metals processing industry consolidates into a few remaining mega giants, all these behemoths want is more of what you’ve got to give them.  What’s important to you is no longer important to them.

While the gorillas can produce some fairly large castings, and they claim to be able do almost everything, only FS Precision Tech focuses solely on our specialty: titanium investment castings. We don’t scatter ourselves across a multitude of complex processes, and we don’t “focus” on hundreds of different metal families and alloy permutations.

FS Precision Tech specializes in the single process of vacuum investment casting of a few industry specific titanium alloys: Ti64, Ti6242, and Gamma titanium aluminide. Within our current reasonable casting size limitations, FSPT is the hands-down specialist in complex near-net and net shape titanium castings for aerospace and defense applications.

One might think that our core competency is in titanium investment castings. This is only partly true, however. Our real competency – and that which truly differentiates us from the gorillas – is discipline and PROCESS CONTROL.
Ask our current customers what you will see when you visit, tour, and audit our foundry, and they will tell you:

“FSPT practices a disciplined system of six sigma and continuous improvement covering their entire production cycle from start to finish.”

Six sigma and continuous improvement at FSPT are not “concepts” that reside in binders on the office shelves of our executives. They are active tools that live and breathe every minute of every day across the factory floor, and you can see it wherever you go.

We could tell you so much more…
…more about how we respond quickly to our customer inquiries and needs.
Or about our reasonable / palatable production lead times that typically embarrass the gorillas…
Or…our standard Fortnighly Status Report that goes out to each of our customers during the development of any new program.

But…we don’t want to tell you so much that you don’t feel the need to come and visit us.

See for yourself.

You have a choice. We invite you to take advantage of it. We won’t disappoint you.

See a listing of some of our customers.

FS Precision Tech’s passion is in titanium castings, their expertise is in controlling the complex investment casting processes.”

“FSPT is a formidable opponent to the enemy we call Entropy.

Our Vision

To be recognized by our target customers as the leader in quality service and support for technically advanced titanium casting solutions.

Our Mission

Deliver quantifiable customer value through creative casting solutions and superior service.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Treat everyone with dignity, respect, and professionalism.

  • Empower our employees to be creative solutions providers.

  • Make decisions which create value for all stakeholders.

  • Only make commitments that we will keep.

  • Provide extraordinary service by anticipating and responding to customer needs.